RI $2.75/ Gallon
MA $2.78 / Gallon

Terms of Service

•  Deliveries under 100 Gallon
$50.00 FEE

•  Same Day Re-Routing Fee: This Fee is applied to your bill if you need a delivery immediately and cannot wait 24 hours for a delivery.

•  Prime Charge Fee: In the event that your heating system runs out of fuel, we will have to prime the system in order to get it running.

•  Return Prime Charge Fee: Priming your heating system requires the homeowner to be home at the time of the service. If we are required to return to the home to prime the system then this fee will be applied to your bill.

Additional Information

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday
8:00AM to 4:30PM

Any after hour call will be taken by our answering service and returned the next business day.

Our answering service DOES NOT place any fuel order requests, however please feel free to place orders on our website.