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Oil Tank and Line Safety

A closer look at a home heating oil tank

The Importance of a Safe Oil Tank and Line

Your oil tank is one of the most important parts of your home heating system. Glow Oil values you and your home's safety, this is why we require a tank inspection prior to setting up delivery. Many COD companies don't require tank inspections and could leave you open to costly problems in the event of a tank failure.

As part of our tank inspection, we look at your tank and your oil line to make sure that they are safe at the time of your deliveries.

Several factors go into having a safe and secure oil tank and line.

  • The tank must be free-standing on its legs, without support or help of walls or other objects
  • The underside of the tank must be checked for leaks
  • Corrosion and rust can weaken the integrity of the steel
  • Oil lines must be sleeved when placed underground Non-sleeved lines must be run overhead
  • Unused fill and vent pipes should be removed or capped to prevent against accidental fill