RI $3.94/ Gallon
MA $3.99 / Gallon

Automatic Home Heating Oil Delivery from Glow Oil

Glow Home Heating Oil Delivery Truck

Stay Warm with Automatic Delivery

Automatic deliveries from Glow Oil will always keep fuel in your tank, keeping you comfortable and warm all winter long at the same great rate. We learn how you burn your fuel during the winter and schedule your deliveries accordingly to meet your household's heating needs.

Qualified applicants will receive the convenience of Automatic Delivery with the benefits of extended terms. Click the button below to fill out our confidential credit application... let's make stressful oil service disruptions a thing of the past!

Comfort Protection Plan

Protect your furnace or boiler with a service plan when you sign up for automatic delivery. Glow Oil makes it easy to manage your entire heating system from oil delivery to service/maintenance of your equipment!

The Lowest Prices on Heating Oil in Central MA and RI

As a Cash on Delivery (COD) company, Glow Oil has some of the lowest prices on heating oil in Central Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to monitor your tank level or coordinate an oil delivery and still receive the same low rate?

How to Read Your Delivery Ticket

To better serve our customers we have created a sample delivery ticket with explanations.