RI $3.59/ Gallon
MA $3.64 / Gallon
Home Heating Oil Delivery

Home Heating Oil Information for New Customers

Looking to make the switch to Glow Oil? There are some things we'd like you to know about becoming a COD customer of Glow Oil.

First, we accept payment in the form of Cash or Money Order on delivery, or credit/debit card payment at the time we schedule your delivery.

All of our customers can schedule a delivery either by calling 401-475-9955 or by ordering online. Ordering online does require you have an account setup with us. Please allow 1-2 business days to process online delivery requests.

Before a delivery is made we will need to perform a visual inspection of the oil storage tank, oil line, and internal & external tank piping. We check to make sure that the tank is safe and up to state code, If the tank is corroded or has other structural damage, then we will not be able to deliver fuel until the tank is repaired or replaced.

We also require a working whistle or "vent alarm", without this important safety feature you are at risk for potential fuel releases that may damage your property.

Feel comfortable and confident when choosing Glow Oil as your heating provider. We have the proper staff and fleet available to meet your needs anytime. When the zero degree days appear never fear, we will be there to make sure your account is serviced promptly.

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