RI $2.86/ Gallon
MA $2.89 / Gallon

COD (Cash on Delivery) Home Heating Oil Delivery from Glow Oil

Enjoy the Benefits of COD!

Discount oil delivery from Glow Oil

Glow Oil is a leader in the discount home heating oil space in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. When we refer to ourselves as a discount oil company this means that our oil prices are very competitive in the marketplace. Glow Oil is different from most companies in this category as we are typically able to meet your needs in a prompt fashion. Our ability to deliver promptly and safely is what sets us apart from our competition. We adhere to all MA and RI building codes as well to ensure your family and home are kept safe. For public safety reasons, we will not deliver to an unsafe situation.

Many people refer to payment on delivery as COD or Cash on Delivery. Should you wish to call us when you need oil we do require you pay for your oil beforehand by credit card or at the time of delivery via cash or money order. We do offer automatic delivery and payment terms for all credit approved customers. Otherwise, when you need oil you simply call us and we will come deliver. If it is your first time receiving fuel from us, we'll quickly perform a visual inspection of your oil storage tank to ensure that it is safe to receive fuel and then we will deliver your fuel.

As a COD customer it is important to keep an eye on your oil tank gauge. For more information on your tank and answers to questions like, how much oil is left in my tank? Please visit our Oil Tank Page.